::: Is wind turbine shadow flicker a limiting consideration at your site? :::

Collecting and processing data at a prospective wind farm site and converting that data into a reliable energy estimate is only part of the job of optimizing a modern wind farm. The optimal design and development of a wind farm depends on properly balancing a number of interconnected factors.

We offer the capability to map out initial site constraints, provide preliminary assessment of noise and shadow flicker impacts, provide feedback on site visual impact, and give site suitability advice.

Class One Analytics is committed to providing clients with a broad range of high-quality professional services in a prompt manner and at an affordable rate.

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::: How can advanced statistics apply to wind turbine installations? :::

Adverse weather conditions can delay the work of installing large wind turbines, particularly at offshore locations or in extreme climates. A statistical modelling approach can help both developers and installers better understand how climate can impact their work schedules, costs and targets, at significant savings to their bottom line.

Class One Analytics can put advanced statistics to use in answering a broad range of novel questions and in finding innovative approaches to potential problems.

Characterizing expected weather delays during construction? We've done that.

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Class One Analytics offers general services in mapping, data handling, and due diligence.

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